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Enrolment Form

Fill in the below form to register for classes...

I hereby give permission for my child/myself (over 18 years) to participate in dance classes. I fully understand that this is at my child’s/my own risk and while all care will be taken with students I hereby indemnify Ascot School of Dance or its servants or agents against any claim by me on behalf of the above named student/s or self in relation to any injury sustained or any damage to his/her/my property.  Should it be considered at any time that the child requires medical assistance or hospital treatment and a parent/guardian cannot be contacted, I hereby direct and authorise Ascot School of Dance staff to obtain any assistance necessary.

I agree to allow Ascot School of Dance to use images (photos and video) and audio recordings of my child/children in Ascot School of Dance advertising and promotional material. This may include (but not exclusive to) end-of-year Concert ‘powerpoint’ presentation, newspapers (eg; Quest Newspapers) or the Ascot School of Dance Facebook and Instagram account. We will remain sensitive and understanding of family and personal considerations.

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